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Return Forms in POS

When performing a return in the POS with return forms enabled, you will receive the below screen:

This screen allows you to add a new return customer or find an existing one.

  1. Search By – This dropdown allows you to search by license #, last name, or phone #
  2. For – This is a text box where you input the value you want to search 
  3. Find – Press find to search for the value that was input in the “for text box field”
  4. Keyboard – Brings up a touch friendly virtual keyboard 
  5. New – Allows you to input a new return customer
  6. Cancel – Cancels the return process
  7. Ok – After selecting the return customer, press ok to process with the return process


If pressing the “new” button to add a customer, you will be presented with the below screen:


  1. First Name – The customer’s first name 
  2. Last Name - The customer’s last nam
  3. Phone # - The customer’s phone numbe
  4. Address - The customer’s address 
  5. Address Line 2 - The customer’s address for line 2 if required 
  6. City - The customer’s city
  7. State - The customer’s state 
  8. Zip - The customer’s zip code
  9. License # - The customer’s driver’s license number
  10. Keyboard – Brings up a touch friendly virtual keyboard
  11. Cancel – Cancels out of adding a new customer 
  12. Save – Saves the new customer 


After either adding a new return customer or selecting an existing one, you next have the screen which asks for return notes

  1. Notes – Enter in the reason for return
  2. Cancel – Cancels the return process
  3. Ok – After entering the reason for return, continues the return process 


The next window is part of the standard return process: return against a receipt or manual item return.