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Setting up Vendors

Setting up Vendors

To receive items from vendors through FasTrax, vendor(s) will need to be set up. Setting and associating vendors will allow you to create and receive POs (Purchase Orders created by Store) as well as receive vendor invoices.

Vendors whom you will be utilizing EDI with will need to be created including their EDI information. This is done through the EDI Setup utility in Vendors. More information for this can be found in the EDI section HERE

Large amounts of items can be assigned Part Numbers if the applicable vendor(s) supply a properly formatted file containing these Part/Item Numbers. For more information on compatible formats, speak with FasTrax Support.

  1. After logging into the Director, choose the “Maintenance” module.
  2. Choose the “Vendor” tab from the options listed along the top bar.
  3. This will open the "Vendors” utility.

    This utility is separated into two sections; Existing Vendors and Vendor Information.

    Existing Vendors

    Created Vendors are listed here. To edit these, highlight and edit through the Vendor Information portion of this utility.

    Vendor Information

    Enter vendor information in this section. A Vendor ID is automatically assigned. However, this ID can only be edited before saving. A Vendor Name is the only detail which must be added. All other information is entered at your discretion. Assign store(s) to appropriate vendors.
  4. To add a new Vendor, click the “Add/Plus” button.
  5. Enter pertinent vendor information. The Account # is in reference to a number you may already utilize for current accounting information.

    The ID is auto assigned when the “Add” button is pressed. However, before saving, this ID can be edited and/or changed to whatever you deem applicable.
    IDs CANNOT be changed after the Vendor is saved.
  6. Before pressing the “Save” button, confirm the entered information is correct for this Vendor.

    Vendor information can be edited after being saved. Remember, the only detail which cannot be changed after saving is the Vendor ID.

    To edit, simply return to the Vendor utility and highlight the Vendor you wish to edit. Press the “Save” button after changes are completed. Existing Items in your Pricebook will retain edited Vendors.

    Newly added/saved vendors will now appear in the “Existing Vendors” list.
    To edit, simply highlight and change anything in the “Vendor Information” section requiring attention. Press the “Save” button once you are finished editing.