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Reconciling Cycle Count in FasTrax Director

Reconciling Cycle Count in FasTrax Director

  1. After logging in, choose “Inventory”from the options located on the leftof the Director.

  2. Once in “Inventory”, choose the “Inventory” tab from the row of options listed at the top of the Director.

  3. Then select the “Cycle Count Tab”.

  4. In the “Date Range From” area, enter/select the dates you have performed Cycle Countsand press the “Refresh” button.

  5. From the displayed list, highlight the intended Cycle Count and select  at the bottom left. You can correct issues, print reports and reconcile your inventory.

  6. Once in “View Worksheet”, verify that item counts are correct. The Backroom Count and Floor Count columns will reflect what was entered on the handheld. Corrections can be entered in these columns.

  7. After confirming and/or editing thecount, press the “Save (Reconcile)”button. This applies the quantities tothe pricebook. Ensure theseamounts are correct before savingthe Cycle Count.

    Congratulations! You have completed your inventory!