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How to Edit Invoices in the FasTrax Director

  1. After logging in, choose “Inventory” from the optionslocated on the left of the Director.
  2. Once in “Inventory”, choose the “Receiving” tab fromthe row of options listed at the top of the Director.
  3. After choosing Receiving, you can search for queued invoices using enteredcriteria in the sections below. By default, all invoices within the 7 day range will bedisplayed. The tools illustrated below are explained to better assist in sorting invoices.
  4. Depending on the search criteria, any available invoices will be listed as illustratedbelow. From this list, choose the invoice you wish to view and/or edit.
  5. After highlighting the applicable invoice, click View Invoice. This will open the invoice listed by line item as shown below.
  6. From here you can edit item quantities and cost. All changes are accepted by clicking Add/Update. All changes are applied to the Pricebook and quantities on hand once Apply Invoice is selected. Other options available are explained below.
  7. Once Apply Invoice is selected,you will be notified that adjustmentswill be applied. Choose “Yes” ifready to apply.
  8. Choose “Yes” to apply updates tothe Pricebook.