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How to Resume a Hand Held Invoice

How to Resume a Hand Held Invoice

  1. After entering FasTrax PSM on thehand held, choose “Receiving”.

    Note - FasTrax PSM is accessed by pressing the “Start” option on the Hand Held home screen. Choose FasTrax PSM from this drop down.
  2. Choose “Login” after the appropriateEmployee ID and Password areentered.

    Note - Employee numbers and Passwords are created in the FasTrax Director through the “Maintenance” tab.
    Click HERE for more assistance.
  3. This will bring you to the “Select Receiving Method” section. Thereare 2 selections; Begin A New Invoice and Resume An Unfinished Invoice. After selecting the intendedroute of receiving, press the“Continue” button.
    • Resume An Unfinished Invoice – Choose this if an invoice has beenstarted, but not yet completed.
    • Begin A New Invoice – Choose this ifthe invoice being received is a NEW invoice.

      Note- Beginning an Invoice is explained by clicking here: How to Receive a hand Held Invoice. Pg 3
  4. If “Resume An Unfinished Invoice” is chosen, highlight theintended invoice by pressing thebox to the left of the entry. Afterhighlighting the applicableinvoice, press “Resume”.

    Click this box to highlight the applicable invoice to resume.
  5. Scan or, using the Hand Heldkeyboard, enter the next item UPCof the resumed invoice. Press“Continue” when the UPC is entered.

    Notice you show a “Last Item Entered”. This will update to show the last item scanned.
    Notice you show a “Current Item Count”. This number will increase with each quantity entered.
  6. In the “Receive Qty” box, enter thequantity of the UPC you arereceiving. Confirm the cost of theitem is correct per the invoice. Press“Save” once the quantity and cost forthe UPC are correct.

    “Cost” signifies how much you pay the vendor for each UPC at the time of receiving. This is usually indicated per line item on the invoice being received. This can be changed by pressing the “Cost” box and entering the cost.
    Note - “Expected Qty” is only populated when receiving a PO. When POs are created on the FasTrax Director, an expected quantity is set per item.
  7. After pressing “Save”, you areprompted to enter the next UPC.Steps 5-6 are to be repeated until allitems being received are entered.

    Press the “Options” button when you have completed scanning.
    At any time during the scanning process “Options” can be pressed. “Options” is a menu to assist in reviewing, editing, resuming and saving invoices.
    Confirm this count matches the quantity total from your invoice!
  8. Press “Save Invoice” to accept whathas been scanned. Saving an invoice accepts and completes it.Any necessary changes areperformed in the FasTrax Director.

    Note - View Previous Items – If accessed during the scanning process, this takes you to a list of items already scanned for a current invoice. This enables you to edit quantities already entered for items. Click Here! Pg 15
    Return To Entry – When in “Options”, thisreturns you to your current invoice.
    Save Invoice – Press this when an invoice has been completely scanned to accept and queue in the FasTrax Director. Saved invoices cannot be Resumed. Any changes necessary for a saved invoice will be done through the FasTrax Director.