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Print Registration

Print Registration

After enabling the biometric scanner, when opening the POS for the first time and logging in using an employee number, you will be prompted to register your fingerprints.

  • Open the POS and choose “use keypad”.
  • Choose “Login”

  • You will then be prompted to register your print.
  • Choose “Yes”

  • Choose the applicable digit this employee will use.

  • After choosing the applicable digit, you will be prompted to scan the digit 4 times.
    • This requires the employee to place, lift and place the same digit 4 times.

  • After successfully scanning 4 times, you will be notified that the
    fingerprint has been added to the database.
  • Choose “OK”


If employees choose to “Cancel” the fingerprint scan utility and instead manually enter their cashier number and password for clock in/out, the Timeclock Report available via FasTrax Director will show as a “Manual” entry.