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FasTrax Hand Held Software Setup

FasTrax Hand Held Software Setup

After plugging the Honeywell Charging/Sync Cradle to a power outlet and your PC, your PC will automatically install the Windows Mobile Device Center once the hand held is placed in the cradle.

Touch Dynamic machines run a version of Windows® that will require you to download the Windows Mobile Device Center directly from Microsoft®. Click here to download this utility.

If you are viewing this in printed format, open your internet browser and navigate to –

Once the install is finished and you accept Microsoft’s terms agreement, Windows Mobile Device Center will open.

  1. Since this utility is only required to move FasTrax PDA software to your hand held, choose the option to “Connect without setting up your device”.
  2. From the next list of actions, choose “File Management”.
  3. This will expand to show the “Browse the contents of your device” option. Choose this option.
  4. This will open a file explorer window.

    Open the hand held’s displayed directory; designated by “\” for “root”.
  5. Once opened, you will see a number of directories.

    Open the “Program Files” directory.
  6. Once in the “Program Files” directory, copy and paste in the FasTraxPDA folder.

    Once copied, close this window.
    The FasTraxPDA folder can be found in C:\FasTrax\Handheld on your main FasTrax machine.

Once you have closed the Windows File Explorer window, remove the hand held from its charging cradle.
You will need to create FasTrax shortcuts on the desktop of your hand held for quick access.

Remove and prepare to use the hand held stylus which is held in the elastic wrist strap of the device.

  1. Using the stylus, double-click on the “My Device” icon located on the hand held desktop window.
  2. From the opened explorer window, double-click on the “Program Files” folder.
  3. From the new window, double-click on the “FasTraxPDA” folder.

    The FasTraxPDA folder is the same folder you installed on the hand held in the previous steps.
  4. Once you have opened the “FasTraxPDA” folder, find the “FasTraxConfigure” and “FasTraxPSM” files.

    Choosing to filter the view by “Details” may assist in locating these files.
    This filter can be found under the icon on the top right of the action banner.

  5. Using the stylus, touch “FasTraxPSM” to highlight.
  6. After choosing ”FasTraxPSM”, touch “File”.
  7. Choose “Send To”
  8. Choose “Desktop as Shortcut”
    This will create a shortcut on the hand held desktop for quick access to the “FasTraxPSM” utility.
  9. Repeat the previous steps to create a desktop shortcut for the “FasTrax Configure” file.
  10. Use the “X”, located in the top right corner, to close all open windows.
    This will resolve to the hand held desktop where your newly added shortcuts are located.
  11. From the hand held desktop, double-click the “FasTrax Configure” shortcut
  12. In the “Server Config” window, enter the Local IP of the Primary FasTrax Database machine.
    This is usually Register 1 at your location. Choose “update” when complete.