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FasTrax Hand Held Wireless Profiles

FasTrax Hand Held Wireless Profiles

The wireless Profiles are used to identify the specific wireless network your hand held will connect to.
These are edited and assigned via the WLAN SWC utility.

For more detailed information about wireless setup and the WLAN SWC, the Honeywell Document is available here

  1. From the hand held desktop, choose Windows Icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. From the new window, choose “Programs”
  3. Choose “WLAN SWC” from the list of programs.
  4. This will open to the “Status” tab of the WLAN SWC utility.

    The example pictured shows a Status tab displaying the details of an existing WiFi connection.
  5. Choose the “Config” tab.

    Indicates a connected wireless network
  6. If your wireless network is not listed, choose the “Scan” button for the hand held to search for available networks.
  7. Once your network is listed, choose/highlight it and choose the “Activate” button.
    By choosing “New”, you can setup multiple Profiles if a singular hand held is to be used for multiple stores.
    After the Profiles are set, once a hand held enters a store, return to this section, highlight the applicable profile and choose “Activate”.
    Indicates a connected wireless network
  8. Depending on your specific wireless setup, you may need highlight your network then choose the “Modify” button.
    Within the “Modify” section, you can input your specific wireless network settings to enable hand held connectivity.
    This section does require that you know or have access to your existing wireless access point’s settings.

    For more details on this section, please visit: