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Honeywell Fusion 3780 OPOS Setup

With the Honeywell Fusion barcode scanner plugged into the machine-

  1. Navigate to c:/fastrax/installerfiles and unzip/extract the two files named -
    1. Honeywell HSM USB Serial Driver ver
    2. Honeywell MetrOPOS
  2. Navigate to and click the “Software” tab.
    Download the MetrOPOS Driver and the HSM USB Serial Driver as referenced in step 1.
  3. Unzip/extract the “Honeywell HSM USB Serial Driver ver” from its where it was downloaded.
  4. Open the file folder that was extracted from the “Honeywell HSM USB Serial Driver ver“, then
    1. double click the setup bat file
    2. scan barcode 1 on page 2 of this document with the scanner
  5. On your keyboard, press the Windows Key and the “r” button at the same time to bring up the “Run” menu.
    Type “mmc devmgmt.msc” then press the “enter” key to bring up the device manager.
  6. Expand the “Ports” drop down and make sure the “Honeywell Biodirectional Device” is present with a COM port.
  7. Starting with barcode 2, scan the barcodes on page 2 in order from top to bottom.
  8. Repeat step 4 & 5 to verify that “Honeywell Unidirectional Device” is under “Ports”.
  9. Run the “MetrOPOS Driver” setup file in the location it was downloaded, using the default settings
  10. From the desktop, double click the “MetrOPOS Administrator
  11. Click “New Profile” and use the following settings.
  12. Click “Save” and then “OK” on the following (two) prompts.
  13. The scanner is now programmed to OPOS mode and should have the option to be claimed from within theFasTraxPOS settings!