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Configuring Wireless LAN

Configuring Wireless LAN

  1. After performing step 14 above, the device will boot to the FasTraxPOS screen shown.

    Tap Configure Wifi to open the Summit Client Utility.
  2. Navigate to the Profile tab, and tap Scan to look for wireless LANs.
  3. Select the wireless LAN you wish to connect to, and tap Configure.

    Tap Yes when asked to “Create a new profile”.
  4. Next you will need to enter the passphrase for the wireless network.

    Tap OK when finished.
  5. Tap the Commit button to save the wireless profile.
    Make a note of the Profile Name listed in the Edit Profile box.
  6. Navigate back to the Main tab to select your new profile.

    Tap the arrow next to the Active Profile box, and select your profile using the Profile Name from the previous step.
  7. Finally, Check the Status tab in order to verify you’re connected.

    You’ve successfully connected when you see an IP.