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Creating Recovery Media

In case you need to create the recovery media, follow the below steps to download and create the recovery drive. You will need a >16GB USB flash drive and a working machine with an internet connection.

  1. On a different computer, navigate to the following website:
  2. Scroll down and click to expand the area under “Software-Restore CD” and choose “Download”
  3. Choose “Run” on the download confirmation prompt
  4. Choose “Yes” on the Windows UAC prompt
  5. Choose “Next” on the InstallShield Wizard
  6. Choose “I Accept” and “Next” on the License Agreement
  7. Choose “Next” on the location to save files prompt
  8. Choose “Next” on the HP Cloud Recovery window
  9. Check the checkbox for entering the serial number and then enter the serial number of the unit, followed by choosing the HP RP9 G1 Retail System from the model name dropdown and Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Professional from the Operating System dropdown, followed by choosing “Next”
  10. On the download page, for the Recovery Options dropdown, choose “Operating System & Drivers”, for the Region dropdown, choose “Americas”, and for the Download Server dropdown, choose “Americas”, followed by choosing “Next”
  11. Next, choose the flash drive plugged into the machine from the dropdown and choose “Next”
    **This will erase all contents on the flash drive**
  12. Wait for the utility to download all required software and image the flash drive. It will let you know when it is complete.