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Installing Windows on the Machine


  1. With the recovery flash drive provided or created in the previous steps, plug it into one of the USB ports on the RP9. Make sure the machine is powered off.
  2. Power the machine on and wait for the below screen. Choose “Next”
  3. The Windows Edition screen will show up next. Choose “Next”
  4. Check the checkbox to accept the license agreement and then choose “Next”
  5. On the where to install Windows screen, choose “Next”
  6. Windows will install and the next intractable screen is the below screen, where you choose your language
  7. After choosing your language, choose “Next” to choose the keyboard layout.
  8. After choosing your keyboard layout, choose “Next”. You can choose a second keyboard layout if needed, otherwise choose “Skip”
  9. The next screen needs a network connection. Choose your network connection and then choose “Next”
  10. Windows will check for updates. Next, choose “Set up for personal use” and choose “Next”
  11. Next will prompt for an account. Choose the “Offline account” option in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  12. You will be prompted to use a Microsoft account. Choose “No”
  13. Enter an account name and choose “Next”
  14. Enter a password and choose “Next”
  15. You’ll next have a prompt to utilize Cortana. Choose yes or no.
  16. The next screen will ask privacy settings. Make a choice and when done, choose “Accept” to complete the installation.