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Assigning Lottery Game Details to an Item

Assigning Lottery Game Details to an Item

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Inventory Module

  2. Next, choose the Lottery Reconciliation tab

  3. Then, choose the Lottery Items tab

    This page shows the below screen

    1. UPC – Text field that allows you to enter a UPC that already exists in the pricebook followed by pressing the enter key to assign an item to the window
    2. Lookup – Allows you to lookup an item to add to the window in case you are unable to key in the exact UPC in the previous field
    3. Description – After looking up an item, the description field will automatically be filled
    4. Pricebook Zone Selector – When selecting checkboxes, it assigns the selected lottery ticket to that pricebook zone.
    5. Price – The price of the selected lottery ticket (pulled from the pricebook)
    6. Game # - The field used to assign the game number to the ticket
    7. Qty On Roll – The number of tickets on the roll
    8. Is Game Active – Marks the game as active (can be used / sold) or inactive
    9. Filter – Allows you to filter the grid based on several categories such as price and game number
    10. Add New – Press this button to initiate adding a game
    11. Save – Saves any changes made on the selected row
    12. Print – Prints all filtered records in the grid
    13. Delete Game – Deletes the selected game in the grid
    14. Mass Update Lottery Pricebook Zone – Allows you to mass assign lottery games to pricebook zones
    15. Deactivate Games – Deactivates the selected game in the grid
  4. When done, choose the Save button

Remember to first create the lottery item as a normal item in the pricebook, assigning it to the proper department, tree categorization, and vendor part.

 This page just simply assigns the game number and number of tickets to the existing UPC in the pricebook.