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Counting Lottery Games

Counting Lottery Games

After handling activations, the next part of the process is counting the lottery tickets. You will be presented with the below screen.

  1. Bin # - The plastic bin that is holding the ticket
  2. Game – The lottery game number
  3. Game Name – The lottery game name
  4. Roll Qty – The number of tickets on the lottery game roll
  5. Start # - The starting number of the ticket at the beginning of the shift
  6. End # - The ending number of the ticket at the end of the shift
  7. Retail Ea – The retail price of the lottery ticket
  8. Total – The total number of tickets being input by the cashier as being sold
  9. Reg Sales – The number of tickets the register sees as sold on the shift
  10. Variance – the number of tickets that is different from the cashier values when compared to the register values
  11. Addtl Books – If the number of tickets sold exceed the quantity on the books, it allows you to input the additional books sold

Steps to complete counting the lottery games:

  1. The starting ticket number will always be the ending ticket number for the previous shift and is by default

  2. Input the ending number into the End # field for each game

  3. If more than a book of a specific game was sold, input the value in the Addtl Books field

  4. When done, choose the continue button