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Enabling Age Verification

  1. Now choose the “Departments” tab on the ribbon   
  2. When done, choose the save button after editing the values  
  3. On POS Flags, to enable an age restriction, input an age in the “Age Required” field     

  4. Next, choose the “POS Flags” tab on the ribbon   
  5. From within Director, choose the “Maintenance” button        
  6. On the “Department Details”, set the “POS Flag” with an age restriction on a department  that needs to have an age restriction and  then choose save.       

    Now, when ringing sales up on items within that department, the POS will have a screen like below. This will require the cashier to enter a birthday for the customer or scan the customer’s driver’s license in order to proceed with the sale.

The next page will show settings that can be adjusted within the POS to alter the age verification window.