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Carton Counts (Limiter) Setup

  1. After logging into Director, choose the“Maintenance” module, then the“Departments” option located along the top.
  2. This will open the “Departments” optionswindow.
    Grouping items you wish to honor Carton Counts (Limiter) into specific departments will assist in future creation and maintenance of Carton Counts definitions.
  3. Highlight an existing department you wish tocheck for Carton Counts as shown below.
  4. Check the “Add To CTN Count” option.

    After choosing “Save” to apply changes, department changes will need to be sent to stores via the “Queue” module to take effect.
  5. After checking and saving applicabledepartments, while in the “Maintenance”module, choose the “Carton Counts” optionlocated along the top.
  6. This will open the “Carton Counts” optionswindow.
    Choose the “Add” button at the bottom tocreate a new definition, or highlight an existingdefinition to edit.
  7. Using the “Carton Count Definition Details”section, enter the data required for theapplicable manufacturer carton limit.
    Marlboro product shown as example below

    Def Name – This would usually reflect themanufacturer. 
    Manuf Prefix – The beginning portion of amanufacturer’s barcode, usually referred to asa family code. These are typically the first 5-7digits common to a manufacturer’s product. 
    Carton Limit – The numeric carton limit value.If carton to pack relationships are linked inyour Pricebook, packs entered will counttoward this limit. 
  8. Choose the “Save” button when finished.

    Changes (both to Departments and Carton Counts) will need to be sent to stores via the “Queue” module to take effect.