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Creating a Commission Campaign

  1. In Director, choose the Pricebook module.
  2. Then, choose the Commissions option from the menu ribbon.
    This guide will illustrate the “Spiff Flat” method of Commissions. The value of commission per item will be $.50.

  3. Choose the Add button.
    If you are editing an existing Commission Campaign,simply highlight the applicable line and edit in the details section.

  4. In the Discount Details section, enter the parameters you wish for this discount to follow.

    1. Campaign Name – name of the Commission Campaign that is currently being edited
    2. Start/Stop Date – signifies the starting date of the Commission Campaign
    3. Campaign Type – the type of campaign to be run
    4. Value – the spiff dollar amount to be paid to employee during the campaign
    5. Add/Remove Item – click add item to bring up the window to search and adds items; highlight an item in
    6. Cancel/Save - save or cancel the changes made in the current session5.
  5. Choose Save when complete