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Creating Loyalty Campaigns

Creating Loyalty Campaigns

  1. Select the Campaigns option from the menu ribbon
  2. After logging into Director, choose the Loyalty module.
  3. This will show you all campaigns you currently have in the system. Click the New button at the bottom left to open the Campaign Details Window.

    1. Name and Start/End Dates – Give the campaign an identifier and an effective time frame
    2. Campaign Type – Chooses whether points are accrued by items bought or dollars spent
    3. Campaign Value – Value of the coupon to be printed when a points threshold is reached
    4. Trigger Type – Chooses whether points earned will be automatically spent to print a coupon or if they will continually accrue until redeemed at the customer’s discretion
    5. Trigger Value – The number of points required to print a coupon (not used for Open Ended campaigns)
    6. Filter Type – Determines what items are qualified to add points to a customer’s balance

      1. Items can be included by whitelist, meaning that only selected items qualify or by blacklist meaning that everyting qualifies except selected items.

    7. Store Selection – Determines which stores will be affected by the campaign
    8. Balance Type/Earn Limit – Chooses which existing balance type will be used for accruing and redeeming points, and chooses the maximum number of points that can be accrued
    9. Cash/Non Cash Multiplier – determines if extra points will be given for using cash on a sale.
  4. After the Campaign Details are filled out, click the Coupon Details link (only necessary if the Trigger Type is set to Points Earned)
  5. Enter in all Coupon Details in this window:
    1. Header/Text fields – Information to be printed on the coupon
    2. Expiration Type – Determines how long the coupon will remain valid
    3. Filter Type – Determines which items the coupon can apply to
    4. Limit to Once Per Sale – Toggle on or off
  6. Click the Save button to save the coupon data and exit back to the Campaign Details.
  7. Finally, click the Save button on the Campaign Details screen to save the campaign and close the window.

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