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Overview of Enhanced Loyalty

Enhanced Loyalty is a premium feature of FasTrax Solutions that can reward your customers for coming back to your store over and over again. It allows for the creation of any number of Balance Types to track and reward purchases in different areas of your store. Contact your Lifeline technical analyst or FasTrax sales representative for more information on activating Enhanced Loyalty at your store today!

Loyalty Campaigns are set up to trigger off of a particular Balance Type when a Loyalty Customer has purchased enough merchandise to raise their points balance past a set threshold.

  1. Campaign Name – the name of the Loyalty Campaign
  2. Type – Shows the campaign type; Points per Item, Points per Dollar, or Manufacturer funded
  3. Start Date/Stop Date – Shows the date range for which the loyalty campaign will be in effect
  4. # Printed – The number of times any customer has reached the points threshold and had a coupon printed at the register
  5. #Used – The number of times a printed coupon has been redeemed for a discount