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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Additional Transaction Functions

Ringing multiples of an item

  1. Using the onscreen number pad, enter thenumerical quantity you wish to add of an item.
  2. Choose the “X” button.
  3. Enter the applicable item via the processes discussed earlier in this guide.

Percentage/Dollar Discounts

  1. Enter item
  2. Choose the applicable discount button.

    Discount buttons can be created via the “POS BUTTON EDITOR” utility.
    Discounts are designed to be applied to each item are entered.

Open Department Sales

  1. Using the onscreen number pad, enter the dollaramount you wish to sell to a department.
  2. Choose the applicable configured single ormultiple department buttons.

Tax Exempt

  1. Choose the “TAX EXEMPT” button.
  2. .Enter item(s)
  3. .Complete sale

Price Check

  1. Choose the “PRICE CHECK” button.
  2. Enter item