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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Cashier Tools

Within the POS there are buttons that perform functions other than item and department links.
These cashier functions and tools aid your cashier in proper handling of transactions and items as well as offer quick links to expanded operational views. Click here for walkthroughs.


  1. SAFE DROP – Choose to enter the amount anddescription for money drops.
  2. PAY IN – Choose to enter the amount anddescription for adding monies into register outsideof normal sales transactions.
  3. PAY OUT – Choose to enter amount anddescription for taking monies out of registeroutside of normal sales transactions.
  4. ITEM RETURN – When chosen, register is in“Return” mode. Used when accepting item returns.
  5. When “Return” mode is active, the barcodelocated at the bottom of POS receipts can bescanned for retrieval of previous sales information.
  6. CASHIER TOOLS – This quick link button will takeyou to a panel dedicated to cashier functions.Buttons for Register X and Z reports are alsolocated in this section.
  7. PRINT RECEIPT – Opens a list of the last 30 days ofreceipts for reprint. A “print gift” option is availableto print a receipt without monetary values.
  8. SUSPEND SALE – Place an active sale in asuspended state for later resumption. Suspendedsales can be named for easier identification. Thereis no quantity or time limit for suspended sales.
  9. RESUME SALE – Choose from a list of previouslysuspended sales for resumption.
  10. VOID ITEMS – When items are entered, choosethis to pick items to systematically remove fromcurrent transaction.
  11. CANCEL SALE – Clears entered items as well assetting POS back to standby status.
  12. NO SALE – Attempts to open drawer and clearsstatus of POS regardless of items entered.
  13. REGISTER X – Runs a receipt report of sales andregister data for current shift.
  14. REGISTER Z – Closes shift and runs report of salesand register data for current shift.

Please note POS buttons and panels are customizable by button function, location, text, and color via the “POS BUTTON EDITOR” utility in the Settings module of actions.
Function button availability is permission based.