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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Logging On

  1. Choose the POS desktop icon.
  2. This will open the “point of sale | LOGIN”interface window.
    Choose the “use keypad” icon.

    This guide will illustrate the “use keypad” method of logging in.
    use fingerprint - can be used with appropriately outfitted biometric hardware
    use card – cards programmed with the employee number as a mag stripe or barcode can be used when chosen

  3. This will open the “login | KEYPAD” window.
    Enter the appropriate Employee ID andPassword then choose the “login” button.
    “cancel” will return to the login options.

    Your hardware keyboard can be used as well as the on screen buttons for data entry.
  4. This will open the employee home screen.
    To manage time clock entry, choose the clockin/out button from the “Time Clock” section.Button text will display the applicable action.
    “view details” will display time entries for thelast 7, 14, or 30 days.

    To log off, simply choose the “log off” icon.
    This will exit and return to the LOGIN screen.