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Overview of POS & Home Utility

Overview of POS & Home Utility

The POS utility is the central interface hub for your employees and store operations.
Far beyond a simple point of sale interface, this utility also serves as the center of communications and responsibilities for your employees and managers.

Access to pricebook, inventory, label printing, receiving, reorders, reconciliations, and reports are permission based actions available to employees or managers. This centralized desktop eliminates the need for multiple programs while offering a myriad of clean and intuitive work spaces.

Overview of POS and Home Utility

  1. open POS – choose to open point of sale interface
  2. actions – access point for pricebook, inventory, print labels, receiving, reorder, reconciliation, reports,management, and settings
  3. log off – exit home workspace and return to log in options
  4. Time Clock – employee interface to clock in/out and review time clock details
  5. Current To Do List – access point for employee “To Do List”
  6. Messages - access point for intercompany messaging