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Shift Reconciliation

Shift Reconciliation

Shift Reconciliation is a function for balancing your drawer at the end of a cashier shift once a Register Z is ran.
Shift Reconciliation is located under the “reconciliation” portion of the actions module.

Reconciliations can be set as blind from the “Settings” section of the actions module. A blind reconciliation will only allow cashiers/managers to enter drawer information without seeing expected totals and possible variances.

Once Shift Reconciliations are completed, they can be reviewed via the “Reconciliation Report” in Director at both store and corporate interfaces.

Reconciliation Settings

Reconciliations Settings can be edited via the “Settings” sections of the actions module. 

Once settings have been confirmed, choose “Save”.

point of sale will prompt for an application restart to apply changes and point of sale will close.

Shift Reconciliation

Once you have opened point of sale, choose the actions module, then the reconciliation section.

Shift Reconciliation



New Shift Reconciliation

  1. From the reconciliation option in the actionsmodule, choose “Shift Reconciliation”.
  2. This will open the Shift Reconciliation window withavailable shifts for reconcile.
    Shift Reconciliation
    1. Z List – list of unreconciled Zs. Highlight and choose “select” to edit
    2. Z Reconciled – once reconciled, this box will be checked
    3. Lottery Reconciled – if lottery is sold and being reconciled, this box will checkwhen Lottery Recon associated to its applicable Z is complete
    4. Z Total – once a Z is opened and edited, the total from the Z is populated.
    5. Cashier Total – employee entered drawer information is displayed here
    6. show reconciled shifts – when checked, previously completed reconciliationswill also populate the list for review
    7. recon date – filter to display specific dates from this dropdown
    8. select – when the applicable Z is chosen from the list, choose “select” to openand edit
  3. Once opened, enter totals from register drawer into their applicable field as shown below.
    Shift Reconciliation
    Shift Reconciliation

  4. After entering drawer totals under the “cashier details” column, enter any additional information you may requirein the following three fields.
    1. Utilize safe start and end to manually enter thesafe amount at the time of shift begin andreconciliation.
      • The weather dropdown allows you to choosethe weather type for the shift currently beingreconciled. This can aid in providing extrainformation for analyzing customer traffic.
        Shift Reconciliation
    2. If credit batching is performed manually or youhave received batching information prior toreconciliation, this information can be enteredhere for shift/drawer association.
      • The check batch sections function the same ascredit batch sections.
        Shift Reconciliation
    3. Enter additional notes you find applicable tothe reconciliation being performed.
      Shift Reconciliation
  5. Once your drawer data is completely entered, youcan close, print, or save the recon.
    • Choosing close will remove any entered data.
    • Choosing print requires connection to astandard computer printer.
    • Choosing save will apply entered data.Reconciliation data is not communicated tocorporate unless reconciliation is final ischecked.
    • Choosing reconciliation is final before savingwill not allow you to return to edit shiftreconciliations.
      Reconciliations can be edited after choosing save until reconciliation is final is checked prior to saving.

      Remember, previous reconciliations can be recalled by choosing the show reconciled shifts option from the reconciliations list window.
      Reconciliation information can be viewed via the Reconciliation Report located in Director under the Reports module.