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Overview of POS Offline Mode

Overview of POS Offline Mode

Network interruption or hardware failure is always a possibility with your store(s) operation and infrastructure.
Unforeseen disconnects and down time can cause possible operation interruptions, data loss, and/or lost sales.

For this, FasTraxPOS has built tools to assist you in syncing databases and operations.
Syncing your register’s databases ensures continued operation in periods of possible network connectivity interruption.

Q: What does Offline Mode do?
A: Offline mode synchronizes the SQL database of your main register with that of supporting registers.
This allows for continued operations of registers if network connectivity is interrupted.

Q: What does this exactly do to the database?
A: This creates a copied database of required static data for store/register operations.

Q: How often should this be performed?

A: Syncing can be performed manually at anytime; however, we suggest setting a scheduled task to automatically run daily.

Q: On which machine(s) should this be performed?
A: On all secondary/supporting registers - Not the main register
If you have questions about applicable machines, please contact FasTrax support.

Q: How do you get to POS Offline Mode setup?
A: Simply log into the applicable secondary POS, choose the "actions" module, and select the "settings" option.

Q: Is this something FasTraxPOS Technical Support can assist me with?
A: Absolutely!
In fact, we would prefer you contact us the first time you attempt to ensure your understanding.

Q: What order should this be performed?
A: Follow the steps below for the absolute best results.