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POS Offline Mode

POS Offline Mode

Make sure that the machine has a Microsoft SQL Server instance installed - localhost\fastrax.

  1.  After logging into FasTrax POS, choose the“actions” module, then the “settings” option.

  2. This will open the “Settings” options window.

    Choose the “OFFLINE MODE SETTINGS”button located at the top-right of the window.
  3. This will open the “OFFLINE MODE SETTINGS”interface.

    Enter data as shown in the picture to the above.

    If remote POS already has a previous installation of SQL, MAKE SURE TO USE A BLANK ILSA_SQL DATABASE and not the existing one. This can be found in the C:\Fastrax\InstallerFiles directory.

    Push Data To Master – used to send data from the remote register to the main database if not utilizing automatic POSDataSync utility.
    Update Local DB From Master – used to update remote register’s database from main database if not utilizing automatic POSDataSync utility.
    Neither of these need to be used - the system automatically handles this via the Windows scheduled task to pull data from the master and pushes data when reconnecting to the main database.