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POS Offline Mode | DataSync Setup

To set up automatic database updating for offline mode, please follow the steps illustrated below.

Begin by opening your “Control Panel” from the Windows button on your desktop.

From the “Control Panel” choose the “Administrative Tools” option.


Double-click “Task Scheduler”


Choose “Create Task”

From the “General” tab, enter the information illustrated.
Once entered, choose the “Change User or Group…” button.


Choose “Advanced”


Choose “SYSTEM” then “OK”.


Choose “OK”.


Choose “Triggers” then “New…”


From the “New Trigger” screen, enter information as illustrated.
Use your current date for your “Start” date.
Choose “OK” when complete.


Choose “Actions” then “New…”


From the “Edit Action” screen, enter information as illustrated.
Choose “OK” when complete.