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Director Settings

Director Settings

Even though Gift Cards can be sold, redeemed and checked via the POS, to fully utilize Gift Cards, customers will
want the ability to track and view their Gift Cards in a more efficient manner.

FasTrax Director offers an interface that enables customers to fully view and track transactions sold on Gift Cards via
a couple of simple settings.

Even though these settings are not necessary for Gift Cards to be sold and function, this feature is required to
complete the module.

  1. Set Director Settings to Enable Gift Cards
    1. Once logged into FasTrax Director, click the “settings” hyper link at the bottom right of the window.
    2. From this new window, click “Show Gift Cards Tab”.
      1. This will enable the Gift Cards Director interface where cards, balances and transactions can
        be checked.
      2. This section is found under the “Maintenance” module.
    3. This can also be enabled by adding “ShowGiftCards=1” to the FasTraxDirectorSettings.ini under
  2. Create/Set FasTraxGiftCards.UDL
    1. This should already be located in the “Installer Files” folder.
      1. Move from the “Installer Files” folder to C:/FasTrax
      2. Configure to point to the “TenderProcessor” database.

      If the FasTraxGiftCards.UDL is not located in the “Installer Files” folder, or on the machine –
    2. COPY an existing .UDL (e.g. FasTraxSQL.UDL)located in C:/FasTrax/
    3. Rename to “FasTraxGiftCards.UDL
    4. Place new FasTraxGiftCards.UDL in C:/FasTrax/
    5. Configure to point to “TenderProcessor” database