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Gift Card Setup and Configuration

Gift Card Setup and Configuration


POS w567 (and newer)
TenderProcessor webservice folder
TenderProcessorDatabaseCreation.SQL script

POS w567 should contain:
Newest Register.bat
Newest UnRegister.bat

TenderProcessor contains:
App_Data folder (empty)
bin folder
  1. Create “Gift Card” department and tender via FasTrax Director->Maintenance
    1. Gift Card department number is not specific; any number is acceptable
      1. Confirm if department is taxable
    2. Gift Card tender ID should be 710
  2. Create “TenderProcessor” Database
    1. Open SQL Management Studio
    2. Log in as “SA”
      1. Password “Password0&”
    3. Right-click “Databases” under the “Object Explorer” and choose “New Database”
    4. Enter “TenderProcessor” as the Database name; choose “OK”
    5. Under “Object Explorer”, open “Security” then “Logins”
    6. Double-click “Fastrax” and choose “User Mapping” from the Login Properties – Fastrax window
    7. Check “TenderProcessor”, then check “db_owner” from the Database role membership window
    8. Choose “OK”
    9. Choose “New Query”; located above Object Explorer
    10. From the available databases dropdown, choose “TenderProcessor”
    11. Choose “File”, then “Open”, then “File”
    12. Navigate to the location you have placed the “TenderProcessorDatabaseCreation.sql” script
    13. Choose “Open”
    14. Once the query screen is populated with the script, choose “Execute”
  3. Set up and configure the TendorProcessor webservice

    -If this is a multi-store/Corporate setup, TenderProcessor webservice only needs to be added on thecorporate server.
    -If this is a single store setup, TenderProcessor webservice will need to be setup on the main SQLmachine.

    TenderProcessor contains:
    App_Data folder (empty)
    bin folder
    1. Copy the TendorProcessor folder to inetpub ->wwwroot
    2. Configure the “TenderProcessorConnectionString” information in the Web.config
      1. Match the Data Source, ID & Password with the Web.config in FTCorpWebservice directory
    3. Open IIS Manager and “Right Click” on the TenderProcessor folder and choose convert to application
    4. Confirm the assigned Application Pool is set to enable 32 bit applications.
      1. If necessary, create a new pool for the TenderProcessor; choose to enable 32 bit applications
    5. Via the Command Window, reset IIS
      1. Choose the Windows “Start” button
      2. Type “cmd” in the “Run” box (could be “Search programs and files”); press “Enter
      3. In the black command box, type “iisreset”;press “Enter
      4. IIS will reset
    6. Once IIS is reset, test the site -
  4. Move the “GiftCardLoader.exe” to C:/FasTrax/POS, if not already present
  5. Setting up TenderProcessor on POS
    1. Add/Edit the following settings in POS.ini
      Host=localhost          - IP of machine running TenderProcessor
      HostPort=80             -port of machine running TenderProcessor
      HostUsesSSL=false    -use of SSL on the of machine running TenderProcessor
      ForceGCSwipe=false  - used by POS forces cashier to swipe the gift cards

      -If this is a multi-store/Corporate setup, “Host” is the Public IP of the corporate server.
      -If this is a single store setup, “Host” should be either “localhost” or the Local IP of the main DB machine

    2. Add the following buttons to the POS
      1. Ensure POS is version 567 or higher
      2. GiftCard Balance button from the Misc Tab; used to get Gift Card Balance
      3. Prog Dept Button and set the Department Number to the newly created Gift Carddepartment. Set the “ISGIFTCARD” value to “True
      4. GiftCard Tender button from the Tenders Tab and set the GiftCardTendID to 710 - New tender is created in step 1 of this doc; 710 is suggested ID