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Lottery Reconciliation

Lottery Reconciliation

Since Lottery Reconciliation is used to track Lottery sales, proper input is necessary to maintain the integrity of Lottery records. Properly entering the “Start #” and “End #” will assist in tracking Lottery sales on a daily basis.
Book activations and Online Lottery information are tracked through this utility. Please ensure proper data input.
If there are ever any deviations from normal Lottery operations, a “Notes” section has been provided to properly record these events.


  1. Launch the Reconciliation program.This can be accomplished by eithera Recon shortcut located on your POS desktop or from within the FasTrax POS software.

  2. Using your Employee/Cashiernumber and password, login.

  3. Press the “Lottery Reconciliation”button.

  4. Check any applicable Z for thebusiness day being reconciled andpress the “Continue” button.

    Choosing multiple Zs enables you to perform a single Lottery Reconciliation for a business day.
  5. This will open the “Lottery Reconciliation” window.

  6. When searching for a particulargame to edit the “Start #” and “End#”, enter the game number into the“Find Game Number” field and pressthe “Find” button.

    The Lottery Reconciliation window is separated into three sections.

    Lottery Counts – This section is used to enter the “Start #” and “End #” for currently sold games. This is for inventorying lottery games. Daily, the “End #” will become the “Start #” of the next day.
    Remember, games must be checked “Active” to track through Reconciliation.

    Activations – This section is used to activate game books. When a book number for a game changes (new book), select the proper book (game) and enter the new book number. Press the “Activate” button. If you want to apply this activation/change to your actual inventory, you must activate and receive this new book via the Director as well.
    If activations are made by mistake, “Previous Activations” can be removed from games by choosing the applicable activation from the dropdown menu and pressing the “Remove” button.

    Online Lottery (Lotto) – This section is used to enter information provided from the Lotto machine for record and reconciliation purposes.
  7. There is a “Notes” section forentering any pertinent information forchanges or entries made in theLottery Reconciliation.

  8. After confirming all entered Lottery information (Counts, Activations &Online Lottery), for ALL games,press the “Save” button.

    Once reconciled on the POS, Lottery Reconciliations can be reviewed, adjusted and received through the FasTrax Director.
    Use the “Lottery Reconciliation” utility in the “Inventory” module of the FasTrax Director for reports and additional Lottery/Games control and reports.
    The following steps will assist you in completing Lottery Reconciliations through the FasTrax Director.