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Lottery Reconciliation Setup - Director

Lottery Reconciliation Setup - Director

Lottery Reconciliation is a form of inventory control specifically for your lotteries and games. This utility is used to establish a balance between Starting and Ending numbers within a game. To maintain accurate numbers, reconciliations should be entered and completed on a regular basis.

To utilize Lottery Reconciliation, games must first be setup in your Pricebook. Refer to the Pricebook manual for steps to setting items in the Pricebook via the Director. Since games/lotteries can be sold and reported the same as other items in your Pricebook, specifically utilizing Lottery Reconciliation is by choice. However, after games/lotteries are added to the Pricebook, they must be added as “Lottery Items” to use the Lottery Reconciliation utility.

The following will walk you through the steps of setting up Lottery Reconciliation on the Director and POS as well as performing a Lottery Reconciliation via the POS

  1. After logging into the Director,choose the “Inventory” module.
  2. Choose “Lottery Reconciliation” fromthe utilities banner.
  3. Choose the “Lottery Items” tab.
    Lottery Items is where lotteries/games are setup for reconciliation.
    This section is separated into Existing Lottery Items and Item Details.

    Existing Lottery Items - This is a list of games previously added for Lottery Reconciliation with specific details for each. By highlighting a specific game/lottery, you can edit appropriately in the Item Details section. You also have the ability to confirm whether a game is active.
    Games/lotteries can be highlighted and deleted. This only removes the game from Reconciliation (the UPC remains available in your Pricebook). Any other changes required are performed through the Item Details section of the Pricebook module.

    Item Details - This section is used for entering details of a game/lottery for tracking through Reconciliation.
    When adding a new game/lottery, first ensure the UPC has been added to the Pricebook. If so, Lookup the UPC and enter specific details for Reconciliation use. Games can be checked “Active” if ready to be tracked through Reconciliation.
    Please confirm all information entered is correct for the applicable game/lottery. Press the “Save” button after editing/adding items for Reconciliation.

  4. Press  to enter details for a new game/lottery to track through Lottery Reconciliation.
  5. Enter the UPC of the game/lotteryyou wish to add to the Reconciliationlist and then press the “Enter” buttonon your keyboard.

    If you do not know the complete UPC number, press “Lookup”. Here you can filter by Description, UPC Number or Vendor Part to choose the game/lottery you wish to add.
  6. Basic information for the UPC willauto-populate (Description & Price).Enter the Game # and Quantity onRoll for the applicable game/lottery.
  7. If this is to be an active game, checkthe “Is Game Active” box.
  8. When assigning games/lotteriesfrom a central corporate system,choose the applicable PricebookZone(s) for each gameedited/added.
  9. Press the “Save” button when alldetails have been entered.
  10. Once saved, items added to the Lottery Reconciliation will appear in the Lottery Itemslist.

    If an item requires editing:
    Highlight the applicable item from the item list and edit the required details field. Press the “Save” button when complete.
    If an item requires removal:
    Highlight the applicable item from the item list and press the “Delete” button.