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Lottery Reconciliation Setup - POS

Lottery Reconciliation Setup - POS

After setting games/lotteries in Lottery Items via the Director, details for Reconciliation and games will need to be set at the POS.
Know the applicable Lottery/Lotto department numbers for entry. This information can be found via the Director.
It is important for Setup information to be entered correctly. Confirm all departments entered are correct for accurate reconciliations and reports.


  1. Launch the Reconciliation program.This can be accomplished by eithera shortcut located on your POSdesktop or from within the FasTraxPOS software.
  2. Choose the “Settings” option.
  3. Set applicable values under the“General Settings” tab:

    Lottery Sort Direction - Choose between Ascending and Descending for report presentation.

    Force Lottery – Enabling this forces a Lottery Rec. to be performed before a Z Rec. can be completed.

    Lottery Sales Dept # - Refer to Director.
    Lotto Sales Dept # - Refer to Director.

    Get Payouts From – Choose a preset Department or Payout Account for tracking Lottery Payouts.

    Lottery PO Dept # - Refer to Director.
    Lotto PO Dept # - Refer to Director.

    Lottery Has Multiple Zs – Enabling allows you to choose multiple Zs for a Lottery Reconciliation.

    Sort Games By – Sort the reconciliation list by Game Number or Bin Number.

  4. Change to the “Game Settings” tab.

  5. Highlight an applicable game andclick “Edit Game”.

    These steps will need to be repeated for each applicable game.

  6. Toggle the “Active” flag. Checked is“Active”; not checked is “In Active”.

    *If Active, enter the Bin Number.
  7. Press the “Save” button when youare finished editing all applicablegames.

    Repeat these steps for each applicable game.