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Previous Reconciliations

Previous Reconciliations

After entering and accepting (Save) Lottery Reconciliations on the POS, Previous Reconciliations can be reviewed, adjusted, printed and new books activated/received.
If entries have been made in error, resulting in a variance, Previous Reconciliations can be adjusted to reflect correct counts/numbers if applicable.
When new books are activated at the POS, these new books can be activated and received on the Director to completely track inventory(s) if applicable.

  1. After logging into the Director,choose the “Inventory” module.
  2. Choose “Lottery Reconciliation” fromthe utilities banner.
  3. Choose the “Previous Reconciliations” tab.

  4. To view a specific reconciliation,highlight the applicable line andchoose the “View” button.
  5. This will open the “Lottery ReconDetails” window.


    1. Variances, if present, are displayed in the “Variances” column. If a previous reconciliation has a variance which requires an adjustment, highlight the applicable game and enter the correct “Start #” or “End #”.

      Variances, if present, are created from an incorrect “Start #” and “End #” correlation resulting from incorrect reconciliation entries.
    2. Once adjustments are complete, press the “Apply Adjustments” button.


    1. If new book activations have occurred and you wish to apply these activations in order to “receive” these new books, choose the activation and vendor from the “Activations” list.

    2. Choose the “Apply Activations” button.

    3. This will create an invoice for the new book, thus enabling you to “receive” this book.

      The purpose for receiving new books is to assist in tracking the inventory of games/lotteries.
    4. In the Inventory module, choose “Receiving”. Under the “Previous Invoices” tab, thecreated invoice will be listed. Highlight the applicable invoice and press the “ViewInvoice” button.

    5. This will open the “Receiving Worksheet”. From this worksheet you can make changesto an invoice, if applicable. When complete, press the “Apply Invoice” button.

      For details on editing before applying invoices, refer to the “How to Receive” documentation.