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Creating a Transfer Request

Creating a House Account

  1. From within the POS, choose "actions"

  2. Next, choose "inventory"

  3. Next, choose "PENDING TRANSFERS"

    The below screen will now show

    1. show dropdown – A filter that filters between the following: unapplied, unsent, requested, approved, verified, in transit, and applied
    2. close - Closes the window
    3. view – Views the selected row in detail
    4. new – Creates a new transfer request

  4. Choose "new"

  5. Enter the from store, to store, and any notes needed, and choose "create"

    The below screen will now show up

    1. close – Closes the window
    2. request – Sends the request to corporate
    3. print – Prints a report version of the request
    4. add item – Brings up the add item window
    5. remove item – removes the selected item

  6. Choose add, search for the item, enter the “qty to xfer”, and “add item”

  7. Repeat until done requesting item and choose "request"