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Logging In: POS and Time Clock

Logging In: POS and Time Clock

  1. After Running POS, select your login method.

    Use Keypad: will prompt you to enter your username and password
    Use Fingerprint: will allow you to scan your registered fingerprint to log in
    Use Card: is not fully implemented yet, and should not be selected at the current time.
  2. Enter your Employee ID and Password, or Scan your fingerprint to continue to the Home Screen

  3. Once on the Home Screen, the Time Clock module can be seen just below the cashier’s name in the upper left; tap the clock in button. You are now clocked in.

    If you are already clocked in, the Time Clock module will show what time you last clocked in, and will display a clock out button rather than the clock in button.
    You can also review recent time entries by tapping view details.
  4. Finally, once you are clocked in, you’re ready to start using the POS. Tap the open POS button in order to proceed to the POS Screen