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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Daily Reconciliation

  1. From the Home screen, tap Actions.

  2. Tap Reconciliation.

  3. Tap Add Daily Reconciliation.

  4. Verify that the correct register Z’s are selected and tap Continue.

  5. The recon | Daily Entry screen shows the totals entered by the cashier on their Shift Reconciliations. Tap Verify Shifts to add manager totals for each shift.

  6. On the recon | Shift Reconciliation screen, tap one of the shifts to verify; then tap Verify Shift. This will populate the Shift Amounts with the cashier totals

  7. Fill in the Verified Amounts column with the total tenders from the shift you have selected. Once finished, tap Save.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all shifts are verified.
  9. Once all shifts are verified, tap Close to return to the recon | Daily Entry screen. Add values for Change Bank, as well as money Taken from ATM and money Put into ATM if applicable.

  10. Once all values are entered and verified, tap the Reconciliation is Final box, then tap Save.

  11. You will be asked to validate the Reconciliation Date, and then asked if you want to save the Reconciliation Data. Tap Yes for both questions, and your daily reconciliation is completed.