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Lottery Reconciliation

Lottery Reconciliation

  1. If your POS has the Shift Recon Force Lottery option set, then your Shift Entry page in POS will have three more tabs for lottery reconciliation; tapping Continue will start your Lottery reconciliation on the Lottery Activations Tab.
    To enable lottery recon, from your POS Home Screen, go to Actions > Settings > Settings > Recon Settings, and check the Shift Recon Force Lottery Box.
    If more than one register Z is performed daily, you will also need to check Lottery Uses Multiple Z’s

  2. On the Lottery Activations tab, select a book from the dropdown menu to activate, and enter the serial number from the back of the book, then click Activate Book. Repeat for all books that have been activated today

    Note that this does not remove the need to scan the book to activate it on the lottery machine. It is only a way to keep track of what has been activated on that machine.

  3. Once finished with lottery activations, click Continue to move on to the Lottery Games section.

  4. On the Lottery Games tab, enter the starting and ending numbers of all your scratch-off games for the day. Note that the starting numbers are filled automatically from the previous day’s reconciliation (if one exists).


    If necessary, verify that your Sort Direction for the scratch-off tickets is set correctly. To do so, from your POS Home screen, go to Actions > Settings > Settings > Recon Settings. From here you can set your sort direction to count up (Ascending) or down (Descending).
  5. Once all games have their start/end numbers entered correctly, click Continue to proceed to the Lotto Information tab.

  6. On the Lotto Information tab, enter dollar amounts and quantities in their appropriate fields. This information can all be found on the report printed from your lotto machine at the end of the day.

  7. Verify all information is correct, then check the Reconciliation is Final box, and tap Save to finish your reconciliation.