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Shift Reconciliation

  1. Before performing a shift reconciliation, the Register Z button must be pressed in POS.
  2. This will result in a register Z tape printing from the receipt printer, and will put you back on the POS Home Screen. Tap Actions to continue. 
  3. Tap Reconciliation
  4. Tap Shift Reconciliation
  5. From the recon | SHIFT RECONCILIATION screen, tap the Z # you wish to reconcile, and then tap the Select button at the bottom right.
  6. Next, on the recon | SHIFT ENTRY screen, enter the amount of each tender found in the cash drawer.

    If your POS has the Shift Recons Are Blind option set, both the Register Details and Difference sections will be blank.

  7. Fill out any remaining applicable information for Safe Start and Safe End totals as well as CC and Check Batch information at the bottom of the window (if applicable).
  8. Once finished, check the box for reconciliation is final.

    If you are doing Lottery Recon next, then you will not need to check this box, or tap Save. Instead, you will tap Continue to start the lottery portion of the reconciliation

  9. Tap Save, and you will be asked to confirm.
  10. Tap Yes, then OK, and your Shift Reconciliation is completed.