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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation



  1. Enable PC Payroll – Enables PC Payroll integration within the POS
  2. Company ID – The PC Payroll unique company ID
  3. Company PW – The PC Payroll company password
  4. Time Zone – The time zone the store is in

Control Center Integration

  1. ID – The unique identifier of the machine on the FasTrax Control Center
  2. Login – The login for the company on the FasTrax Control Center
  3. Password – The password for the company on the FasTrax Control Center
  4. Base URL – The URL of the FasTrax Control Center
  5. Uplifts – Are uplifts to be enabled
  6. Show Item Images On Uplift Prompt – Are item images to be associated with uplift campaign
  7. Enable Pour My Beer – Enables Pour My Beer integration
  8. Enable Fuel – Enables fuel integration (not currently functional)