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Other Settings

Other Settings

Other Settings in POS

General Settings

  1. Reg Z Show Departments - The Z tape that prints out shows department sales
  2. Reg Z Is Blind - The Z tape that prints out shows no sales or tender information
  3. Reg Z Show Department Groups - The Z tape that prints out shows department group sales
  4. Reg Z Force Close Suspend Sales - Forces the cashier to cancel out of suspended sales before the shift is Z’d out
  5. Print Chit On Clock In/Out - Prints a clock in/out slip out of the receipt printer each time an employee clocks in or out
  6. Disable Timeclock - Disables the FasTrax timeclock within the POS
  7. Use Biometric Reader - Enables biometric reader usage on the POS
  8. Choose Digital Persona or Touchpoint based on hardware
  9. Force A Starting Till - Forces the cashier to key in a starting till
  10. Unique Cashier Per Z – When enabled, only allows a single cashier per shift
  11. Use Recon Buckets In Reg Z – On the Z tape, shows the bucket values instead of individual tender values
  12. Detailed Logging - Logs POS actions in details for FasTrax support usage
  13. Force Timeclock Before Using POS - Forces cashier to be clocked in before ringing sales
  14. Force Auth On All Timeclock Entries - Forces authorization on all timeclock entries, with no grace period
  15. Verify Checks - Allows user to utilize a positive or negative check verification
  16. House Acct Vendor - Allows user to define house account vendor for house account invoices
  17. Print House Acct Invoices - Allows user to automatically or manually print house account invoices
  18. # of House Acct Receipts - Defines the number of receipts that are printed on house account invoices
  19. Tare Weights - Defines the tare weights used on the POS, separating values by commas
  20. # Days to Keep Live Rcpts - The number of days receipts are kept alive in the “Reprint Receipts” button
  21. Days to Keep Archive - The number of days receipt files are kept on the PC before being purged automatically (note - this does not affect ability to run reports on Director)
  22. Break “Up” Inventory – When checked, a sale that would make a purchase unit go negative QOH will break “up” the subunit to keep it from going negative (only occurs if subunit QOH allows for this)
  23. Enable Online Pending Transfers - Enables the ability to create and received online pending transfers

Corporate Settings

  1. Enable Corporate Integration - Enables corporate integration
  2. Update Exporter INI - Updates the Exporter INI to use the set corporate and store IP addresses
  3. Corporate IP - The corporate server’s IP with port if applicable
  4. Store IP - The local store’s IP with port if applicable

Coupon Tenders

  1. Manage Coupon Tender Mappings - Allows manufacturer coupons to be mapped to specific tender IDs
  2. Scanned Store Coupon Tender ID - Allows mapping for a scanned store coupon
  3. Scanned Manuf Coupon Tender ID - Allows mapping for a scanned manufacturer coupon

Gift Card Settings

  1. Gift Card Server - IP address of gift card server, with port if applicable
  2. Gift Card Uses SSL – This forces gift card authentication to use SSL rather than normal http
  3. Allow Manual Gift Card Entry - Allows cashier to manually enter a gift card number, in addition to scanning the
    gift card barcode
  4. Print GC On Receipt Printer - Prints gift card barcode on receipt from receipt printer

 New / Announcements Interval

  1. Check News Every __ Minutes – Designates the interval for the POS to call to FasTrax and pull news
  2. Check Annc Every __ Minutes – Designates the interval for the POS to call to corporate and pull announcements