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Recon Settings

Reconciliation Settings

  1. Shift Recons Are Blind - Cashier doesn’t see system details or variances when reconciling shift
  2. Shift Recon Deposits Are Editable - Allows the cash deposit to be editable
  3. Shift Recon Safe Drops Are Editable - Allows safe drops to be editable
  4. Shift Recon Enable Lottery - Enables ability to do lottery reconciliation
  5. Lottery Uses Multiple Z’s - Enables lottery recon to combine multiple shifts
  6. Lottery Uses Safe - Lottery books are kept in the safe
  7. Auto Populate CC Totals In Shift Recons – If using integrated credit cards and blind reconciliation, automatically
    totals the credit card line up on reconciliations
  8. Use Dept Loyalty Coupon - Allows coupons to reconciled that are tied to a specific department
  9. Lottery Sort Direction - Choose whether lottery tickets are sorted via ascending or descending ticket numbers
  10. Get Lottery Outs From - Choose whether lottery payouts are from departments or pay out accounts
  11. Sort Lottery Games By - Choose if games are sorted via bin number or game number
  12. Lottery Sales Dept # - Input lottery sales department number
  13. Lotto Sales Dept # - Input the online lottery sales department number
  14. Lottery PO Dept/Account # - Lottery pay out department number or account number
  15. Lotto PO Dept/Account # - Online lottery pay out department number or account number
  16. Manage Lottery Games - Allows user to map lottery games to bin numbers