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Register Settings

Register Settings

Register Settings in POS

Register Settings

  1. Register # - Sets the register number
  2. Store # - Shows the store number
  3. Update Store Info - Allows you to set the store details, such as address and phone number
  4. Change Store Num - Allows the store number to be changed
  5. Cash Next Caption – Allows the cash next caption to be changed for the cash next button type

Safe Drop Settings

  1. Min In Drawer - The value the safe drop will drop to
  2. Max In Drawer - The value where the safe drops will start prompting
  3. Prompt Interval - How often the prompt occurs in minutes
  4. Safe Drop Prompt - Enables the safe drop prompts
  5. Disable Pop Drawer On Drops - Disables the pop drawer button on the safe drop prompt
  6. Max Safe Drop Skips - The max number of skips that can be done for safe drops

Misc POS Settings

  1. Disable Weighted Barcodes - Disables barcodes with a leading 2 meaning the barcode contains the retail price
  2. Logoff Cashier After Sale - Logs the cashier off after each completed sale
  3. Logoff After _ Minutes Of Inactivity - Logs cashier off after a specified idle time period
  4. Allow Visual Age Verify - On transactions with age restrictions, places a bypass button
  5. Return to Main Screen After A Sale - After completing a sale, returns cashier to main panel
  6. Disable Buydowns/Promotions in Pricecheck - Removes visibility of buydowns and promotions on pricechecks
  7. Do Not Pop Drawer For $0 Sales - On completed sales where the balance is $0, the cash drawer will not be opened
  8. Show Only Active Items When Searching - Only shows active items when doing an item search
  9. Force DL Scan For Age Verify - On age restricted items, forces a drivers license to be scanned; it cannot manually be entered
  10. Auto Load Panels From DB - Upon first opening the POS, panels are loaded from the database
  11. Enable Large Panel Sets - Allows use of 20+ individual panels
  12. Use 16 x 9 Layout - The POS is formatted for wide screen monitors
  13. Force 1024x768 Resolution - Forces the display to the 1024x768 resolution
  14. Prompt When Selling OOS Item – Prompts the cashier are they certain when an item with 0 QOH is being sold
  15. Prompt For Price On Returns - Prompts for the items price on returns, allowing the cashier to alter the value
  16. Prompt For Salesman - On items sold that are in a commission campaign, the POS prompts for the salesman based on who is clocked in
  17. Prompt For Name When Suspending Sales - Prompts the cashier for an identifier name when suspending sales
  18. Tax Manufacturer Coupons - Taxes the item before the coupon is applied
  19. Tax Buydowns - Taxes the item before the buydown is applied
  20. Tax Store Coupons - Taxes the item before the coupon is applied
  21. Allow Over Tender Store Coupon - Allows a transaction to be paid for in total by store coupon(s)
  22. Restrict Sales Tenders - Restricts departments to specific tenders, such as lottery to cash
  23. Do Not Keep Age For Suspended Sales – When checked, age verification prompts will come up for resumed sales. When unchecked, suspended sales will remember age verification.
  24. Do Not Show Zero Dollar Kit Items – Items that are $0 will not be shown on the receipt and transaction
  25. Prompt For Notes On No Sale – When using the no sale button, prompts the cashier to enter notes for a reason why it was used
  26. Prompt For Notes On Cancels – When using the cancel sale button, prompts the cashier to use notes for a reason why it was used
  27. Prompt For Notes On No Voids – When using the void item button, prompts the cashier to use notes for a reason why it was used
  28. Require Driver’s License Validation – After scanning a driver’s license, shows the ID information such as name and age and how many days until expiration for the cashier to verify and either accept or reject
  29. Pricecheck Show Qty On Hand - Shows the quantity on hand for items on the price check screen
  30. Pricecheck Show Cost - Shows the cost and margin for items scanned on price check screen
  31. Subtract Percent Disc After System Disc - Forces the system to subtract a manually cashier entered discount after a system discount is applied (order of operations)
  32. Prompt For Item On Manuf Coupon - When scanning a manufacturer coupon, prompts for the item that the coupon is applied to
  33. Discount Child When Parent Qty – Allows subunit items to receive a discount if the quantity purchased equals the purchase unit quantity when the price would be different (packs cost more than cartons)
  34. Returns Use Current Discounts – All returns use current system discounts, even when returning against a receipt
  35. Do Not Allow System Discount with House Accounts - Transactions with house accounts are not eligible for system discounts
  36. Do Not Allow System Discount with Temp Price Change - Items with a temporary price change is not eligible for a system discount
  37. Show Min Date/Age – Once enabled and entered, shows minimum age and dates for age restrictions on the POS
  38. Use Return Forms – Requires entry of a customer and reasons for return, keeping track of all returns
  39. Auto Z Register - Allows a scheduled time for register Z’s to be scheduled
  40. Combine Identical Items – Combines multiple scans of the same item into a single line item with a quantity equal to the number of times scanned, shortening the receipt
  41. Pay In Default Texts - Allows user to define preset pay in texts
  42. Pay Out Default Texts - Allows user to define preset pay out texts

POS Widgets

  1. Show Carton Count Widget - Enables the carton count widget
  2. Show Messages Widget - Enables the messages widget
  3. Show Customers Widget - Enables customers widget
  4. Show To Do Widget - Enables to do widget

POS Panels

  1. Save Panels To DB - Saves the loaded panels to the store database
  2. Load Panels From DB - Loads the saved panels from the store database