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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Register Settings

Register Settings

  1. Register # - Sets the register number
  2. Store # - Sets the store number
  3. Cash Next Caption – Allows the cash next caption to be changed for the cash next button type

Safe Drop Settings

  1. Min In Drawer - The value the safe drop will drop to
  2. Max In Drawer - The value where the safe drops will start prompting
  3. Prompt Interval - How often the prompt occurs in minutes
  4. Safe Drop Prompt - Enables the safe drop prompts
  5. Disable Pop Drawer On Drops - Disables the pop drawer button on the safe drop prompt

Misc POS Settings

  1. Disable Weighted Barcodes - Disables barcodes with a leading 2 meaning the barcode contains the retail price
  2. Logoff Cashier After Sale - Logs the cashier off after each completed sale
  3. Logoff After _ Minutes Of Inactivity - Logs cashier off after a specified idle time period
  4. Allow Visual Age Verify - On transactions with age restrictions, places a bypass button
  5. Return to Main Screen After A Sale - After completing a sale, returns cashier to main panel
  6. Disable Buydowns/Promotions in Pricecheck - Removes visibility of buydowns and promotions on pricechecks
  7. Do Not Pop Drawer For $0 Sales - On completed sales where the balance is $0, the cash drawer will not be opened
  8. Show Only Active Items When Searching - Only shows active items when doing an item search
  9. Force DL Scan For Age Verify - On age restricted items, forces a drivers license to be scanned; it cannot manually be entered
  10. Auto Load Panels From DB - Upon first opening the POS, panels are loaded from the database
  11. Enable Large Panel Sets - Allows use of 20+ individual panels
  12. Use 16 x 9 Layout - The POS is formatted for wide screen monitors
  13. Force 1024x768 Resolution - Forces the display to the 1024x768 resolution
  14. Prompt For Price On Returns - Prompts for the items price on returns, allowing the cashier to alter the value
  15. Prompt For Salesman - On items sold that are in a commission campaign, the POS prompts for the salesman based on who is clocked in
  16. Prompt For Name When Suspending Sales - Prompts the cashier for an identifier name when suspending sales
  17. Prompt For Item On Manuf Coupon - When scanning a manufacturer coupon, prompts for the item that the coupon is applied to
  18. Tax Manufacturer Coupons - Taxes the item before the coupon is applied
  19. Tax Store Coupons - Taxes the item before the coupon is applied
  20. Tax Buydowns - Taxes the item before the buydown is applied
  21. Allow Over Tender Store Coupon - Allows a transaction to be paid for in total by store coupon(s)
  22. Restrict Sales Tenders - Restricts departments to specific tenders, such as lottery to cash
  23. Do Not Keep Age For Suspended Sales – When checked, age verification prompts will come up for resumed sales. When unchecked, suspended sales will remember age verification.
  24. Do Not Show Zero Dollar Kit Items – Items that are $0 will not be shown on the receipt and transaction
  25. Prompt For Notes On No Sale – When using the no sale button, prompts the cashier to enter notes for a reason why it was used
  26. Pricecheck Show Qty On Hand - Shows the quantity on hand for items on the price check screen
  27. Pricecheck Show Cost - Shows the cost and margin for items scanned on price check screen
  28. Subtract Percent Disc After System Disc - Forces the system to subtract a manually cashier entered discount after a system discount is applied (order of operations)
  29. Use Legacy System Discounts - Uses the older style system discounts
  30. Discount Child When Parent Qty – Allows subunit items to receive a discount if the quantity purchased equals the purchase unit quantity when the price would be different (packs cost more than cartons)
  31. Returns Use Current Discounts – All returns use current system discounts, even when returning against a receipt
  32. Do Not Allow Sytem Discount with House Accounts - Transactions with house accounts are not eligible for system discounts
  33. Do Not Allow System Discount with Temp Price Change - Items with a temporary price change is not eligible for a system discount
  34. Show Min Date/Age – Once enabled and entered, shows minimum age and dates for age restrictions on the POS
  35. Use Return Forms – Requires entry of a customer and reasons for return, keeping track of all returns
  36. Pay In Default Texts - Allows user to define preset pay in texts
  37. Pay Out Default Texts - Allows user to define preset pay out texts

POS Widgets

  1. Show Carton Count Widget - Enables the carton count widget
  2. Show Messages Widget - Enables the messages widget
  3. Show Customers Widget - Enables customers widget
  4. Show To Do Widget - Enables to do widget

POS Panels

  1. Save Panels To DB - Saves the loaded panels to the store database
  2. Load Panels From DB - Loads the saved panels from the store database