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Invoice Worksheet in Director

  1. Vendor Part – Entering the vendor part and pressing enter will look the item up, adding it to the invoice
  2. UPC – Entering the UPC allows the user to look up and add the item to an invoice by the UPC, prompting the user to use the vendor part if it exists
  3. Lookup – Allows the user to search for the item by other parameters
  4. Description – The items description after it has been added in the vendor part or UPC field
  5. Current QOH – The current quantity on hand of the item
  6. Part Qty – The number of vendor parts being added to the invoice
  7. UPC Qty – The number of UPCs contained in the part quantity
  8. Expected Qty – The quantity that was ordered on the PO if a PO was utilized
  9. Part Cost – The cost of the vendor part
  10. Total Cost – The total cost of the number of vendor parts being received
  11. Add/Update – Adds the vendor part to the invoice
  12. Update Cost – Checkbox that when checked, updates the cost of the vendor part and last cost of the item
  13. Apply Cost To All Zones – Applies the checkboxes cost changes to all pricebook zones
  14. Sort – Allows the invoice to be sorted by different methods when printing
  15. Print Invoice – Generates a report showing the invoice in a printable format
  16. Print Cost Changes – Generates a report showing all cost changes in a printable format
  17. Delete Item – Deletes the item on the invoice worksheet
  18. Apply Cost Changes – Applies all checkboxed cost changes to vendor parts and last cost
  19. Apply Invoice – Applies the invoice to inventory
  20. Apply To Store Immediately – When in corporate mode, applies the invoice bypassing the queue