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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Receiving – Previous Invoices in Director

  1. Previous Invoices – This tab shows all invoices from the below selected filter options
  2. Store – This filter allows either all stores or individual stores
  3. Vendor – This filter allows all vendors or individual vendors
  4. Date Range – A start and end date filter that filters by invoice dates
  5. Refresh – This refreshes the invoices in the below grid, applying new filters or showing newly received invoices
  6. Invoices – This grid shows all invoices, both applied and unapplied, based on the above filter settings
  7. Create New Invoice – Allows the user to create a new invoice
  8. View Invoice – Opens the worksheet to view the selected invoice. Double clicking an invoice also does this
  9. Print Invoice – Prints the selected invoice
  10. Print Cost Changes – Prints cost changes on the selected invoice
  11. Sort Option – Sorts invoices by description, UPC, or vendor part
  12. Delete Invoice – This is by default disabled and a machine setting. If enabled, allows the user to delete invoices