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Viewing & Editing Uplifts in Director

1. After opening Director, choose the “Pricebook” module    

2. Next, choose the “Uplifts” tab    


 3. This shows a listing of the current uplifts. Select one you
    wish to view or edit, and choose the “Edit Uplift” button             


4. This brings up the “Uplift Details” window



      1. Uplift Name – The name of the uplift
      2. Start Date / Stop Date – The dates that the uplift is effective
      3. Cashier Message – The pre-programmed dialogue that shows up on the uplift that tells the cashier what to say
      4. Has Spiff – Flags the uplift to spiff the cashier when won
      5. Auto Win – Automatically flags the uplift as “Won” when the trigger and sale items are already on the transaction before the subtotal button is pressed
      6. Spiff Amount – The spiff amount awarded to the cashier
      7. Auto Win At – The amount needed of the sell item to auto win the uplift on the transaction
      8. Discount Amount – The discount amount of the uplift if not using a system discount
      9. % or $ - Is the discount amount a percentage or dollar amount
     10. Spiff Min Qty – The minimum quantity needed to be sold for the spiff to be applied
     11. Trigger Value – The number of items in the trigger list needed to be sold in order for the uplift to prompt the cashier and customer
     12. Discount Selection – The option to discount all or a single item in the uplift if using a discount amount % or discount amount $ (numbers 8 and 9)
     13. Trigger Items In Uplift – The list of items that will trigger the uplift, prompting the cashier and customer
     14. Sell Items In Uplift – The items that will receive the discount if the uplift is won


5. Choose the “Save” Button after choosing applicable uplift settings .