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FTX Adpro Lifeline Documentation

What is AdPro?

AdPro is the integrated design studio for FTX Control Center. With AdPro, you can build or update custom graphic designs for your FTX Digital Marketing, layer-by-layer. AdPro gives you total control of your customers’ experience through your digital signs, menu boards, and promotions.

How do I start using AdPro?

Option 1:
In the Navigation menu on the left, select AdPro, then My Designs, to see your complete design library.  

You may double-click on an existing design to enter AdPro, or you can click the Create New Design button at the top right of the list to begin creating a new AdPro Design.

You will then be prompted to give it a Title and select a design size, as below:

(NOTE: anywhere in Control Center that you can put an image, Control Center will tell you the image size for that spot.)

Option 2:

While editing the content of a Display that includes an AdPro design, you can click on Edit Selected Design to open AdPro. You can also click on Choose Design to see a library of your designs that will fit in this desired space. If the right design doesn’t exist yet in your library, just hit Create New Design at the top right of the design list.

With Option 2, AdPro will already know the image size you need for that space!