Creating your first Display

Creating your first Display

In order to select a Display on the device, you must first create one in FTX Control Center!

  1. Using the navigation menu on the left, click Signage: Displays.

  2. Click the Add New button at the top right of the Displays list.

  3. Name this Display “BLANK”. Click the Save Display button.
    For this Getting Started guide, we have just completed creating a blank, white image that can be selected as the Display for Initial Setup and Configuration.
  4. (Optional)  To begin adding content to the display, start by clicking on the Content tab under Edit Display.

  5. (Optional) Choose a Layout for your Board. You can do this using the small green Change Layout button on Board 1.

  6. (Optional) Select a layout. The most popular layouts include static AdPro images and/or a slideshow of scheduled promotions. Blue rectangles represent AdPro designs, while layouts that include a slide scheduler will use a Slides icon, like the one shown here:
    You may then fill in your Board layout using images uploaded to your Advertisements library or Designs built in AdPro. Layouts featuring numbered tiles are for menu-style boards using Products from your Product library.

Please see the Displays guide or AdPro guide for more details on the myriad of other content design options and how to use these tools in greater detail.