Glossary of Terms

Overview of Getting Started: Initial Setup Guide

Welcome to FasTrax Digital Marketing. This guide is designed to help a new user navigate through the process of configuring a Digital Signage Mobile Device, and also serves as an introduction to FasTrax Digital Marketing and FTX AdPlayer.

For more information on FasTrax Digital Marketing or any of the concepts introduced below, please refer to our more detailed guides. If you still have questions, please contact FasTrax Support at

Glossary of Terms:

AdPro – FTX graphic design software, built into the FTX Control Center for fast editing and deployment of complete Designs; Designs can be Advertisements, individual products, or complete graphical menu boards (see FTX AdPro Guide for more)

Advertisement – fully developed graphics/images for a specific product, brand, or promotion. The Advertisements library supports uploading images of the most popular file types, and supports saving images of various sizes to a single Advertisement

Board – fully built content for a single use for a single Display (see Daypart); each Board can have a different layout; each layout may include Advertisements in a slide show (see Scheduler), or a Product menu board, or both

Daypart – weekly scheduling tool that allows up to 5 Boards to rotate on a single Display throughout the week

Device – the physical unit that stores and displays the digital content for a single television or monitor.

          Mobile Device – device running the FTX AdPlayer app for Android OS; usually refers to the TX8 mini, a small white box with ports along one side.

          POS Device – Point of Sale register configured to show digital content to a customer-facing monitor.

Display – a complete digital content package for a single television or monitor; may include multiple ads/promotions in a slide show, or product menu boards, or a combination of ads and menus on a rotating weekly schedule.

Scheduler – slideshow scheduling tool that allows up to 20 Advertisements to be added as Promotions on a single Board to rotate at user-defined intervals. All Promotions added have start and end dates, so that no further action is required to remove promotions when they end. Also called: Promotion Scheduler