Logging into FTX Control Center

Logging into FTX Control Center

Shortly after you order your first FTX Digital Marketing device, you should receive your login credentials for FTX Control Center.

Go to http://controlcenter.fastraxpos.com

You should see a Login screen similar to the picture to the right.

Enter your full email address and password, exactly as sent to you by the FTX admin. If you were given a user name, you may enter your user name in place of an email address.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you may use the link provided.

If you are on the trusted computer from which you will be doing all of your Digital Marketing editing, you may also choose “Remember me” to save your login credentials.



Once logged in, you will see the Dashboard for your company. This includes a navigation menu as well as graphic charts for the online status of all of your devices as well as a chart to notify you of promotions that are approaching their end date, so that new promotions can be added to smoothly replace them in your Displays.